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Save the Arts P.E. is a fun fitness program to help you meet the 400 minute P.E. requirement in middle and high school. This state requirement is being enforced in our schools as we speak! Students whose schedules who are impacted by band, team sports or other school obligations often have a hard time with traditional P.E. schedules.  STAPE students attend class twice a week and receive full P.E. credit.  If you have special scheduling needs, we will work with you to make it happen for your child.

Coach Phillip and Coach Kool will provide a variety of fitness exercises, geared to improve strength, speed, flexibility, balance, cardio health and body knowledge. Students will also study and practice for the California Physical Fitness Test. Students in Save The Arts P.E. will gain confidence and self-esteem while discovering their true physical potential. A variety of movement skills will be taught that will help students excel in sports and exercise.  Skills from the following sports have been taught in our class: volleyball, baseball, football, tennis, soccer, ultimate Frisbee, hockey, basketball and more!

Our coaches will help to design a personal workout plan that fits student interests and abilities. We will check this “fitness homework” at each meeting with the goals of achieving lifetime health, maximizing music time and choosing activities that students love! Minutes signed off on by Coach Phillip will count towards the state PE requirement. Coach Phillip is a credentialed P.E. teacher for DMUSD (Del Mar Heights).

Spend less time away from music!
Credentialed instructors, customized fitness program
We help students tailor their independent minutes.
Fun and flexible! 

Location 1:
Carmel Creek Elementary
4210 Carmel Center Rd
San Diego, CA 92130-2480
(meet on East side of blacktop)
3:20 - 5:00 Mondays & Thursdays

Location 2:
Skyline Elementary
606 Lomas Santa Fe Dr,
Solana Beach, CA 92075
Class time is Mondays and Fridays,  3:20-5:00

Fall semester or Spring semester only - $375
Entire year:  $700
Students who join late will be prorated at $75/month

Schedule 2017 - 2018:

FALL:  8/31-1/26

SPRING: 1/29-6/15

FULL YEAR: 8/31-6/15

$50 discount for a yearlong signup.  Take care of your PE requirement for the year and maximize your music and performance time!


For more information on
SDUHSD ISPE requirements.
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Ian Phillip is the Physical Education teacher at Del Mar Heights. He runs PE programs for grades K-6, does kid’s sports birthday parties as Mr. P.E., and also runs Champions Track and Field camp. He began as a classroom teacher in grades 2 and 5. Ian’s main goal is to have kids associate health with fun! The California Physical Fitness test scores at the Heights are consistently among the top in the state. Ian received the teacher of the year award in 2012. 
>> view fitness test results

Sasha Kukulj is a lead special education aide at Del Mar Heights Elementary.
He has a 20 year background in social work and special ed, donates time to Christian camps and also runs Sol Surf Camp in Del Mar. He is known for helping some of the most needy students make a breakthrough at school.  Sasha sang lead vocals in many jazz groups and has a deep appreciation for music.